How To... Use Microsoft Word For Work
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Mail Merge - Use Microsoft Word for mass mailings by using the mail merge feature.  Letters and envelopes can be personalized and edited quickly.  This becomes very handy when you have a large scale mailing to accomplish. For example, if you want to reach a large audience for a sales campaign, you can do this quickly with minimal time commitment. 


Personalization and Image - Personalized fax sheets, stationary, letterheads, calendars, labels and even logos can be developed using the images and text options available in Microsoft Word templates.  You don’t need any graphic training to do these tasks.  Just pick a template, select a graphic or picture for insertion, re-size them for the document, and you’re on your way.  The ‘Help Menu’ in all of MS Word guides you through creating original and attractive documents.


Invoices - Invoicing can be a headache.  Let MS Word do the work for you.  Using an invoice template, once you set up the fields you want to include, all you have to do is input the numbers, and the program does the rest. 


More - Expense reports, time sheets, schedules and all kinds of lists also become a breeze once you master the basics of MS Word, especially once incorporating the templates provided. 


Just keep being creative with Word, and you’ll find out how much lighter your workload will be, which keeps your hands free for excelling at your job.

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