How To... Use Microsoft Powerpoint For Work
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This isn't a tutorial on how to use Power Point, but rather how to use it for work. Master the many uses of Powerpoint to impress your boss, colleagues and clients.

Presentations - Microsoft Powerpoint gives you the tools you need to create lively and seamless presentations. Presentations of what you ask?  You name it. Add life to budgets, department timelines or set up merchandising plans. Strategy sessions take on a new life with Powerpoint and make your ideas vibrant and exciting.  If you need to make an announcement that catches everyone’s attention, a sharp presentation can make it pop.  No more boring reports.  Help your boss and colleagues or clients see your vision.  Even monthly statements can be given a shot of life using Powerpoint.  Instead of boring old spreadsheets, dazzle them with a live information right before their eyes.  And don’t forget whenever you’re stuck with a format, you can always experiment with Powerpoint Templates you can find online.

Set up a Groove workspace and edit and create with your team in real time.  Collectively work on budgets, set dates on calendars, create timelines for projects, hold training sessions with teams without even leaving your desk.  Now you’re cooking with gas, well maybe not gas, but with creativity at least.  Creativity that will increase your productivity and help you to achieve your goals.  

More – Impress everybody at work by remembering to be creative with Power Point. And ultimately, every presentation can have a use.  Here’s a list of just a few ideas you can use PowerPoint for:

Product Showcase
Info Sessions

Graphics, format, animation and many other features available let you direct the action of the information you are presenting, which will always set you apart from the herd.

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