Being PC Without Being Boring
In Attire, Conduct & The Workplace By kathrynpless

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You can be PC without everyone dreading conversations with you.  With a bit of preparation and research you can hold your own at the office.


Sex, religion, politics, partying and your latest conquests all make for juicy gossip, BUT not at the office.  No one wants to be known as the office gossip-monger or the boor of the group.  You can do a few things each day to insure that your conversations are appropriate and interesting.


Tip #1 – One of the best resources for hot topics is at Google’s Hot Topic page.  Topics are ranked by popularity.  You can go there each morning before hitting the road and find what the nation and world are talking about.  Take a few minutes to do some research and you’ll be armed for the day. 


Tip #2 – Read the paper.  Good old-fashioned newspapers are a gold mine of information.  They not only give you worldwide and national news, but all the latest about what’s happening locally in your own city of work and residence.  Very important.


Tip #3 – Tune into the news as you get ready for work and on the way to the office.  Pay attention to stories that interest you.


Tip #4 – Remember that what you talk about to your co-workers is probably not the same conversation you would have with your boss.  Don’t bore you boss with trivia and fun facts.  Your boss is often the bottom line type, and usually doesn’t have time for chit chat. 


Tip #5 – Don’t just relay the facts.  Be sincere when you talk about a subject, and that often is helped when you talk about things of actual interest to you.  You don’t want to come off as fake.


With all this in mind, don’t spend all day talking.  You after all, still have to get your work done.  But at least when conversation is upon you, you’ve got the current affairs in mind and can steer away from the hot button topics.  And pretty soon, you become a literate, knowledgeable and intelligent conversationalist at work.

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