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To succeed at work you must be able to take notes quickly, and…be able to read them later!  Bosses and meetings won’t slow down, so you have to keep up.

These tips should help...


  1. If you can write fast, jot down as much as you can, so it will make sense later. The more information the better when taking notes.
  1. If you are slow, don’t just jot down random words. You will have no clue what it means later. Get the main points down and when there is a lull in the meeting or conversation, go back and fill in with important key words to jog your memory later.
  1. If your notes are sketchy, find some quiet time soon after you take them and make more comprehensive notes. Write out as much of the instructions or information that you can remember, and in great detail.
  1. If you are not good with writing, try doing a mind map. Write the main idea in the center of the page and circle it. Draw lines going off in different directions (like a sun) to other circles with other ideas in them.  Branch 'sub' ideas off of those ideas. This is a simplified way of doing an outline.
  1. If you know shorthand, by all means use it for note taking or taking minutes.  Then type them up later.
  1. Practice in your off time if necessary. It will definitely pay off at work.

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