How To... Use Microsoft Outlook For Work
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This is not an instructional on how to use or setup your Microsoft Outlook Mail.  Rather, how you can use this huge program for work.  Networking, Scheduling, Lists and Organization of everything in between.

Mail – Of course, you can have your ho-hum Outlook mail Inbox.  But then you can have your super tricked out InboxFolders (to organize your emails), Email Rules (to force all incoming emails to go straight to wherever you want), Flags (to mark an email as priority or complete), Categories (also to organize your emails), and color tags (for more email organization, and email decoration).  Put these all together and your Inbox will be a well-oiled machine.  Quick to find what you’re looking for, marked with priorities and less overwhelming.

Calendar – This is easy.  Simply create new Appointments and Meetings, and your calendar populates beautifully.  You can even create multiple calendars to distinguish different schedules  - i.e. your work schedule versus a project schedule or a production timeline schedule.  Here you can invite attendees (even straight from your Contacts), and color code items for a better visual organization of all appointments.

Tasks – Tasks are genius!  I mean, talk about saving your life at work.  You can use this particular section as if it’s a giant, digital To-Do ListCreate Tasks and assign them to be due daily, or every Monday, etc, and poof!  Every time you are behind, a little task notification pops up to remind you to, “Pick Up Collections” or whatever it is that you input.   The best thing about them is you can set up recurrences as often as they are needed.  I myself have had over 100 tasks running at a time to keep me on track at work.

Contacts – Another brilliant addition.  Never forget anyone’s information, name or face again.  Yes.  You can even put pictures in these bad boys.   Microsoft Outlook creates an incredible database for you to utilize with every single contact.  Just select New Contact, and go from there.  Name, Business Number, Mobile Number, Email, Fax, Address, Website, Profession, Department, Title, Photo ID, Birthday, Assistant, Notes, are all input fields to be used.  And there are more!  Plus you can Import and Export this list whenever necessary.  Then you can even put Categories and Color Tags to each contact.  Extreme organization of your people network achieved!

Notes – Easy breezy stuff.  Create a new note, color code or categorize it, and that’s it.  The note automatically saves and is always there for an additional reference. 

Ok so now you get it.  Outlook is way more than an email inbox.  So start playing around and pressing buttons. It will give you an edge with all of your information at work.  Very important.

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