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For a minute, forget the paper airplanes, the spit balls and the shiny red apple sitting on the desk. If the idea of teaching bright young minds and coaching them to bring out the best of their potential is appealing to you, then Education is your path.  Of course, the pay isn't always great and neither is the occasional school board bureaucracy.  But where else can you have a job that promises you summertime freedom with pay? Or the chance to spin a wayward young soul down a shining path?

The career possibilities with Education are endless.  Many are happy tackling receptive minds as a Preschool Teacher, Elementary School Teacher or High School Teacher.  But if your goals are bigger,  this can be just the starting point.  Perhaps you see yourself teaching in a college or university setting where you lecture about philosophers or dissect abstract math equations.  Or perhaps a path less trodden like many teaching specialities.  Special education jobs are abundant and require the noblest of all Education professionals.  Another road would be teaching at a broadcasting, media, art, computer or vocational school.  How about teaching business professionals through workshops and seminars?  Or perhaps you want to teach other teachers how to teach better?  Did you follow that?  It's possible.  

The highest route you can fly in education is Education Administration.  After all, the people who run the school, college or university hold the sytem of education in their hands.  Consultant, Speaker, Instructor, Teacher, Professor, Director, Dean, Vice Principal, Principal and College or University President dream jobs are all there waiting for you.  

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