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For the true-blue fashionistas, clothes are not just "stuff" that you clumsily throw on each morning.  Clothes are wearable fashions, art, and you are merely the frame that holds the painting.  Now, this may raise an eyebrow or two but it's true.

Some career advice to the wise though?  Simply enjoying the latest fashion trends paraded in front of you by Runway Models during New York Fashion Week does not a budding Fashion Designer make.  Reality check.  Men love pretty shiny toys that they call cars.  Love for cars does not equal the ability to build one.  The same goes for fashion design.  Most entry level jobs in fashion pay peanuts (except maybe for modeling), but this is a career that will lend well to a person who is creative and works well under pressure. 

Love for fashion usually means that you start as an Assistant and work your way up.  It requires crazy hours, extreme organization and mad design skills.  But the reward can turn you into a Fashion Designer, Fashion Buyer, Costume Designer or Fashion Consultant.  Off color jobs in the fashion industry include Fashion Show Manager, Model, Personal Stylist or even a Television Host or Correspondent.  And if you follow Vogue faithfully, why not consider a career in a fashion magazine?  How does Fashion Magazine Writer, Contributor or Editor-in-Chief sound to you?  There's plenty of affordability to aim high in this industry.  I mean, seriously, that's what "Devil Wears Prada" was all about.
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