"...this job is for someone with a competitive nature..."

 Competitive professionals know how to get ahead of the game.  The goal of professional competition is to help everyone develop into better businesspeople.  Being competitive in your business means that you realize that your bosses are evaluating your performance, and you want to stand out amongst the rest  and be outstanding in your own personal performance. 

There is a ladder of professional progress to climb, and a competitive spirit will help you get higher, faster.  Bring in higher sales, meet and beat deadlines, create more effective presentations, sign up more substantial clients, meet team goals,  generate higher revenue, and so on.

Competition at work pushes you realize your true potential, pushes you to produce the best work possible, and shows what you can do to your peers, supervisors and bosses.  Then as a direct result, the company grows from this hard work that competition drives.  And that is what bosses are looking for.  Being the best at what you do and driving your own competitive nature with proven performance is what sets you apart in the work world.


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