Good Communication

"'ll need to have good communication skills to excel here.."


Good Communication skills are a necessity in every area of life, and especially at work.  Work relationships with bosses, colleagues, clients, customers, suppliers and more, are all shaped and formed by the process of positive or negative communication and interaction.   All must be to the point of being effective.


Verbal - Basic verbal communication skills is simply being able to speak clearly and concisely enough to relay information accurately to the next party.  And in a world where information is key, this is vital.  Add, some confidence behind your words and with a strong voice, and you've got verbal communication down.


Written - You have to deliver messages whenever face to face is not possible.   Emails, memos, texts, instant messaging, documents, post it notes, whatever!  Spelling, grammar, punctuation and efficiency in writing all are needed to allow your messages to be maintained once the next party has to read it.


Listening - Good communication skills entails learning to listen actively, meaning hear the information, process it and then repeat it back for confirmation and verification.  In addition, when you learn to listen, you also can hear where smart opportunities are to interject, give an opinion or hold your tongue. 


Take the time to develop proper, good communication skills in the workplace, as all communication is a reflection of your professional self.



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