Yahoo Messenger

"With its versatility and multiple features, Yahoo! Messenger redefines the boundaries of instant messaging."

Yahoo! Messenger
, also called YM, is Yahoo!'s free instant messaging client. You can download and install YM on your computer and log in using your Yahoo! ID. Like any instant messenger, it lets you chat with anyone who is also on YM.

But Yahoo Messenger is capable of more than just instant messaging. Its features include file transfers, webcam support, virtual conference rooms, and a whole bunch of fun icons, avatars and environments. It also features VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), a technology that lets voices travel digitally across the internet. This allows YM users to talk directly to each other and even leave voice messages.

Tips and Tricks
Yahoo! Messenger is a versatile communication tool that can be used for several business purposes...
Instant Messenger - Believe it or not, IMing is becoming more and more common at the office.  It fosters fast, effortless communication between work parties such as teams, departments and offices.  And it does allow personalities to shine via the exchange.  However, you should always be mindful to maintain a professional conduct when instant messaging for work.   
File Transfer – You can move files through Yahoo Messenger by dragging them to the chat window. YM can transfer up to 2 Gigs in size, but it works best with small files like text documents. Just be sure you are receiving files from a trusted source and have an anti-virus program installed to protect workplace computers.
Conferences – Want to hold a meeting with teammates who are in different timezones? Invite them to a YM conference! You can have several people reporting at once--complete with voice and webcam feeds, if you like.
SMS – If you urgently need to message someone who's away from their keyboard, Yahoo Messenger has an SMS feature for users who have registered their contact numbers. Your instant message will be converted into a text message and sent to your contact's phone.
Chat to Email – Need to save that important chat conversation? Archive it by emailing the entire session to yourself! Now you have a copy of every word between you and your contact.

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