Firefox is a popular open-source web browser created by Mozilla Corporation, open-source meaning its source code is free for anyone to view and edit. Depending on which survey you ask, it is either the first or second most widely-used browser used today.


Firefox is free to download and simple to use. Its multiple features include tabbed browsing, a download manager, automatic spellchecking, and the option to use various add-ons. Firefox has fewer security vulnerabilities than its closest competitor, Internet Explorer.  Translation? An even better safer browsing experience than IE.


Firefox can run on the various versions of Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Even for mobile device users, a compatible version, Fennec, has just been released.



Tips and Tricks


Tabbed Browsing – Opens multiple online pages at the same time in one browser.  Plus if anything happens while you’re at work and your Firefox closes down, it has a memory which you can access the next time you open the browser via the ‘Previous Session’ button.  And poof, the web pages you were looking at are all restored.  


**Add-ons are where Firefox shines. They provide additional features that can complement business activities…


FoxClocks – Tracks time in the location of your choice. Great for staying on top of international time zones and appointments between different offices. 


Foxy SEO – Provides several SEO-related functions such as page and web traffic analysis.  Helpful for Developers and Content Managers in analyzing their work websites.


Stockticker – Keeps up-to-date portfolio information through a handy little widget in the lower-right corner of your browser. Perfect for any Stockbroker or Analyst.

With dozens of other add-ons to choose from, enhanced security features and high functioning browser commands, Firefox can certainly help keep you on track at work.


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