Microsoft Powerpoint

“Pictures speak a thousand words, and Microsoft Powerpoint helps you make exactly the right picture into an outstanding presentation.


Powerpoint is a Microsoft tool that helps you create sequenced slideshows of pages containing text and/or images. This versatile program allows you to mix and match said text and images, and even videos into interesting layouts.  Add special effects such as timing, transitions, sound and web linking to your slideshow to emphasize important points that act as visual aids to any presentation.


Save your Powerpoint file to any laptop and then hook it up to a projector, and voila.  You’ve got a sound presentation viable for any large, or small, audience.            



Tips and Tricks


Import – While Power point can be used alone, it works best when used in conjunction with other files. You can import text from Microsoft Word documents, tables and graphs from Microsoft Excel, images, music, and even movies into your slideshow.


Animation – Adding effects into your slideshow can give it a professional gloss that will impress your viewers. Animation lets you fade text in and out, control how slides transition from one to another, introduce music and images when you want them, and many other dazzling effects. Whether you are presenting proposals to management or doing a training session for new employees, animations are essential for good Power point presentations.


Slide Remote – Don’t want to be stuck in front of your computer while presenting slideshows? Many laptops come with little remotes that can interface with Powerpoint. And don’t forget, many mobile apps can aid as a slide control devices as well.  Set your slideshow to full screen and press the “next” button when you want to move on to the next slide. You can then do your talk from any position in the room. 



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